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No matter your shipping needs, Hula Transportation has the network to make it happen.

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Full-Scale Solutions

Hula Transportation is a 24/7/365 operation that runs throughout the 48 contiguous United States using only the top-vetted carriers in the industry. We leverage the most technologically advanced software available to provide premium, award-winning service, including our 24/7 tracking department, so you can get a real-time update any time, day or night. With Hula Transportation, you have constant visibility with our trucks during transit for up-to-date communication that’s second-to-none.

“But,” you ask, “how much does that premium service cost?” With the size of Hula’s network of carriers, we’re able to provide preferred pricing AT OR BELOW market rate. Don’t be surprised if you’re hula dancing all the way to the bank.

Solo & Team Options

Need traditional tractor-trailer service? Hula does that. Need two drivers in one truck that only stops for fuel? Hula does that, too. At Hula Transportation, we offer special solo and team options for all types of freight, so no matter how quickly you need it, Hula can help.

Full Truckload

When we say we handle any type of freight throughout the US 48, we mean it. At Hula Transportation, we’re your complete shipping solution from A to Z, including last-minute spot quotes and high-volume yearly contractual rates. Whether you require van refrigerated, trailer or flatbed transportation solutions, at Hula Transportation, we deliver.


Got a shipment that’s less than a full truckload? You can count on Hula Transportation. From point A to point B throughout the contiguous US, a pallet to half a trailer, refrigerated or flat, no job is too big or too small – just ask – and we’ll be happy to help.

Pop-Up Fleet

Whether you require one truck or 100 trucks, Hula Transportation can provide you a daily or yearly solution that gets the job done 24/7/365. We work proactively, not reactively, with fleets strategically positioned throughout the contiguous 48 states to help with surges, union needs, disaster relief and more. Not only does this empower us to be there at a moment’s notice, it also means we can provide pop-up fleets at market rates as opposed to spot rates to protect your bottom line.

Government / Military

The team at Hula Transportation is well versed in government freight, including the unique requirements and security clearance needed to deliver on bases and government installations. Even highly-classified bases that require multiple clearances and background checks (including no past felonies), Hula Transportation can service it. From hospital beds to MREs, ATVs to food for commissaries, when unique government requests come in, our experts know just what to do.

Final Mile White Glove Service

When a delivery needs to be handled with extra care, by the case or the pallet, you can count on Hula Transportation’s final mile white glove service. Our drivers will pull up to your place of business with a hand dolly, take individual cases off the pallet, and carefully unload it in its designated place. In some cases, our drivers even have the client’s keys with clearance to know alarm codes. Once they deliver the cases, they lock up and go on to the next stop. As you might have guessed, with this kind of service, trust is paramount. Hula Transportation is honored to have earned that trust as evidenced by the recommendations to new businesses our customers routinely give us. We look forward to earning your recommendation, too.


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